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broken spring repair

If you have been using a garage door for some years then it’s time for you to check the health of the springs related to the door. These springs help balance the door and help the door to open and close in an easy manner. These springs may get rusty if you do not clean them regularly. Usually they last around 5 years but the time period highly depends on how many times you or any of your family members open or closes a garage door. If it’s rusty and looks that it is about to be broken then you should call Flatlands Garage Door Repair.

We are specialists of fixing garage door springs and we can do it quicker than anyone else. We are quick but are never careless. We will always fix the spring in such a manner that you will never have to get to us via our contact us page for the same problem. If your door is also ancient ad you want to change it then our new door installation service can also take care of that. We recommend that you buy new springs with the new door and not try to fix the old ones as every door has a different set of springs that help it to function smoothly.